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For the Marvell SATA driver, I would suspect it to be wrongly put on the page of this board, sorry for the inconvenience. Please post back with your results. In some situations, this error may cause the computer to function incorrectly. I ran without these installed for a month without an issue, it wasn’t until I wanted to use part of AI Suite that they started showing up. Hi, been trying to get your attention as i cant pm you Brand new Hero VII built 3 days ago.

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I’m not running AI Suite so if that opens up some solution, I’d be fine with that. The characteristics of this device I’ve copied below. Tested on two different systems with booste different VII Hero!

This was all taken down after I just had done a wipe with DBAN on all drives and then the clean install. As security conscious as you obviously are, I have fxiled doubts that you’ve infected that machine.

What exactly is the EC Embedded Controller on the motherboard? Same here ,Iam getting same error which I think sometimes gives me blue screen ,happened 4 times on this computer My rig is 2months old and tried everything but still error: But try it also make sure backup folder 1st.


Acppi running a boot trace with Xperf to track down what’s causing it. No idea what is up with Windows Update.

Really could use your opinion on this

Thanks again for your help and time. That’s the reality of coding modern complex operating systems. Maybe a glich in Win update. This is crashing Isntall drivers and also its needed to reboot to fix it and its still happening.

The errors seem to begin after installing AI Suite 3.

Really could use your opinion on this – Am I infected? What do I do?

One section only is usually recommended. I flashed it this afternoon and so far have not seen any of these errors since.

It took me a while to figure this out but i am not a programer. With this issue onboard, having a working fast boot is like playing a roulette Everything seems fine and managed to get a ten hour day of productively without the Flash drives disconnecting and reconnecting, but did hear the Plug-in play sound when the computer came back out of sleep.

Posted 10 November – I ran without these installed for a month without an issue, it wasn’t until I wanted to use part of AI Suite that they started showing up. Same here but no BSOD or railed other problem. Which in polish means that the driver connot be loaded. Same issue insall, Asus zdeluxe.

[SOLVED] Windows update can’t install ATK ACPI [Archive] – Overclockers Forums

Posted in only this one and the MOS section. Had a bunch of optional updates of about 53 and left them alone. Ac;i you format the drive and clear off the mbr before you installed windows? Unfortunately until now absolutely no helpful advises received, besides the “re-install your system” and “RMA your board” Funny thing is that in my particular case, besides the fact that i think PC boot time is affected and event log looks ugly everything else is working rock solid.


Let’s say, to facilitate this example, that you forgot to remove the usb connections for your printer. Since I do not use turbo I did not continue anyway.

Hope this helps someone else out. After I noticed the cpu usage from the System process, I opened its properties in Process Explorer and seen it was caused by acpi.

Is there any fix for this? I’ve been getting hard locks for 3 days for no apparent reason, event viewer is failled with ACPI errors. Has there been any update to this issue?