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Units built for Harris Teller carried an Echoplex badge that omitted the Maestro name. An old Tube Echoplex came into a local store and the delay is very cool but what impressed me is the preamp. The four-segment LED recording level meter, a control panel-mounted record level knob and separate microphone input and PA mixer output jacks were other new additions. Gear Secrets of the Guitar Legends: That adjustable playback head was the key to success for the Echoplex.

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Apr 23, 2.

This article is about the sound effect machine. Unauthorized replication or use is strictly prohibited.

Tube Echoplex ! | The Gear Page

There are no circuit boards or cases, but motors, heads, and many of the specialty parts are in stock. Here are some external links: I’ve received emails from all over the world with questions and comments about it, and I want to thank everyone for their good wishes. However, I’m a fool for vintage gear so I went to work on the restoration, see below for a link. See what I mean?

Maestro Echoplex

Vox66Apr 23, Roots of Echo, part IV”. A lever covering the input jack pivoted out of the way, disengaging the pinch roller release. Lubricated tape for reloading cartridges, also splicing blocks, Q-Tips,and other cleaning supplies.


No, create an account now. The compressor had been added to the entire signal — wet and dry — causing a furor from players. A pilot light in place of the third knob was another practical addition, leaving room around the controls.

Like the Ecco-Fonic, the Echoplex included a playback switch to disable the erase and record heads, allowing the signal that had been recorded previously to be played back over and over.

The Ernie Ball Expression Tremolo delivers foot-sweepable tremolo control, echpplex without taking your hands That’s damn old for a mechanical device and unless it’s a closet classic it will need some restoration. One of its largest accounts was the Chicago-based wholesaler, Harris-Teller. Multi-Channel tape echo unit from the early seventies.

I have not found a pedal that replicates it. This necessitated a taller lid than the later models.

Another source for lubricated tape. Once the two were satisfied, beginning in the s, the solid-state Echoplex was offered by Maestro [6] and designated the EP-3, but Mike Battle, unhappy with the sound of the EP-3, sold his interest in the company.


Loop Master has a tape cartridge rewinding ecchoplex. Economy model from early seventies, same electronics without SOS, used a different tape cartridge. It still has a large inventory of selected parts that can be ordered through music stores, although you may want to check availability first by writing Harris-Teller, S. The Guitar player book: How to reload a tape cartridge.

Something to consider is that the use of echo, and later reverb, goes hand in hand with the popularity of the electric guitar and amplifier.

Later, Harris-Teller of Ttube took over production. Getting great guitar sounds: Inthe thirty-year run of electro-mechanical Echoplex production finally came to echoplexx end. If you are interested, want to provide a review, user tips, or have any information on using the Echoplex for looping, please contact us.

The supplies for vintage Echoplexes isn’t going to last forever.