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The 2 DC motor drive channels can operate at voltages from 4. Stacking female connectors for supporting another daughter card. Takes in percent and maps to for PWM control. In general, if you are using the motors, you should plan to bring the motor power in on the VMS power connector for the most stable operation. It is also used to power the logic portion of the LP chip. This ensures that they have good clean 5V power independent of what the motors are doing. The shield uses the following pins which remain available if you are not using that function:

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The only pin Bluetooth connectors are generally associated with automobiles, so this connector does not seem to be of much use. The 2 DC motor drive channels can operate at voltages from 4. Basically if the motor goes in the opposite direction than you expect, simply reverse the wiring for that motor.

L298P Motor Driver Shield

The other Bluetooth header is a pin male header. Support PWM speed control.

If you have the OPT jumper in place and power coming on the DC Jack on the Arduino, it will work but the DC motor noise will be coupled into the 5V logic power supply and may cause eradicate behavior and so it is not really recommended. Their brightness will vary depending on the strength of the PWM signal.


But most projects at some point require mobility. When DIY your robot, it is necessary to use the motor driver board to drive the DC motors, however, sometimes need to connect the motor drive board to UNO using lots of jumper wires, pretty inconvenient. To use the servo, you will need to have a minimum of 6.

Arduino – ArduinoMotorShieldR3

Built-in Schottky diodes to protect against motor back EMF. There is another version of 2x2A motor shield Twin which uses different pins to avoid conflicting pin allocation. Mirrored version of DRI The program below runs the DC ,otor control portion through a sequence of events. D3 is for controlling the speed of motor A, and D12 is for controlling the direction of motor A.

Your email address will not be published. Drive 2 DC motors at 4. The LP contains two full H-Bridge drive channels that provide full speed and direction control.

The pin spacing is also 2mm rather than the standard 2. Takes in percent and maps to for PWM control. This ensures that they have good clean 5V power independent of what the motors are doing.

The Motor shield can be powered directly from Arduino or from external power source. The weakest point is the LP motor driver IC which limits the size of motors that it can control, o298p if your requirements fall within its 2A per channel rating as most smaller robotic vehicles do, this can be a nice option for putting together a robotic project.


The shield uses D9 for mogor PWM signal. These shields are quite flexible and a significant step-up in versatility from the older L based modules, albeit at a higher price.

LP Motor Driver Shield – ProtoSupplies

The VMS is the positive motor voltage which can range from 4. K298p should be avoided. Support PLL advance speed control. D4 D5 D6 D7.

Ks0007 Shield L298P 2A High Current Dual DC Motor Driver Module

This motor power is fed to a 5V regulator that is mounted to the bottom of the shield. D11 is p298p controlling the speed of motor B, and D13 is for controlling the direction. Arduino product family is a great learning platform for electronics, programming and robotics.

This arduino motor shield can be directly mounted onto standard Arduino Uno and Arduino Mega. Motor Power Subsystem The motor power comes in on the 2-pos screw terminal. DC L298ServoShield.