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Direct Download Success Stats: Default Settings Settings to use the functions of the machine as a network scanner are listed be- low. See this manual to set up necessary items. To check an in-tray or auto-receive the documents, it is necessary to install DeskTopBinder V2 Lite on the client compu- ter. Lanier Pcl now has a special edition for these Windows versions: Page 63 When not using the network deliv- ery scanner function, this step is not required.

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Specify the scanning size.

Lanier 5622 Pcl Driver Download

For information about the outline of the software that lsnier be installed by Auto Run, see p. Page of Go. Don’t have an account? The Scanner Features screen ap- pears.


The files stored from the scanner are shown on the “Scan- ner” folder. Connect the machine to the network with an Ethernet cable. Consult your network administrator before connecting your machine to a network. Original Orientation And Scan Area Setting When using the network delivery scanner and Document Server, set- tings are made on the control panel of the machine. Preparations for Use as a To use the machine as a network scanner, you must make settings required for use as a scanner, as well as basic settings for use in a network.


Appendix Message Exceeded max. If you forget it, contact the key operators in charge of this machine.

Lanier 5622 PCL Drivers

Page 2 Introduction This manual contains detailed instructions on the operation and maintenance of this machine. To check an in-tray or auto-receive the documents, it is necessary to install DeskTopBinder V2 Lite on the client compu- ter.

When the TWAIN driver becomes active on a client computer, the display automatically switches to the following screen.

Reasons for your score: Page 77 Do you want to stored the scanned data? Normal- ly, use this orientation for set- ting. This manual also for: The machine must be connected to a network to use scanner func- tions.

Important When the machine is connected to a network, observe the following points when setting up the machine or changing settings. Check if the scanner main power is on.

Operation Switch Pressing this switch turns the machine on. Checking the Delivery Result Check the displayed results.


Page 49 B Depending on the type of original or the objective for scanning, select the icon in [Mode]. Page 86 USA B When using the same type of original repeatedly, storing the optimum settings in advance laanier them easy to select whenever you deliver or store scan data.

Lanier Pcl T Scanned lznier Select the lanoer method. I wil keep coming back for sure. Go to step A Press [Store File]. Page 79 [No User Code is registered.

Press [Transmit] to transmit the scanned data. The software allows you to use view documents in in-trays of the delivery server. To get maximum versatility from this machine all operators should carefully read and follow the instructions in this manual.

All users Displays all files stored in the connected