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Upon disassembly I found a capacitor at the bottom of the case. You may want to read the comment just above the line you’re editing, and be grateful that someone told you where to find this file to change it Join Date Apr Posts 1. Originally Posted by Grandcheapskate. Continue Reading on Page: Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

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The simplest method of flashing the bios is to use these commands at the DOS prompt: If so, it’s not necessary to flash it since BIOS does not have newer revision.

The Mother Board

I found the system was more stable but there were still random crashes happening. If m810kr havent done it before i would read up on exactly how to do it for your motherboard. I have no idea where you would buy these as a private individual, but I’ll stick my neck out here and say that anyone k810lr has trouble getting the Millennium DoC devices in the UK can email me and I’ll try to help.

Just because your revision might not be listed, doesn’t necesarily mean it won’t work for you unless specified in list of cards that do not work. You should get some debugging information and general startup message out of the serial port m810kr might help you or someone else to work out what’s not quite right. Originally Posted by Plasma. You will probably want to do this with the motherboard not installed in a case, so you motherbaord look underneath the ZIF socket as you are inserting it.


I’m trying to find a good file to flash with.

When you build the kernel, use ‘make bzImage’ and then just leave the kernel where it is. I installed a fresh copy of windowsbut unfourtunately i couldn’t find the Cd that installs the motherboarr for my hardware devices.

MLR Motherboard

The steps listed in the documentation are: There is also a highly impressive ‘gotcha’ in the MTD driver support – you must edit one of the kernel source files before compiling with MTD support, in order to be able to write ie erase or program the DoC devices. I was given this board with some others and when I first tried to start it, it sparked and smoked.

With that one I believe it uses 16mb not sure. Anybody got one, or know where I can get one?

Does PC Chips have an e-mail address and I just missed it? Join overother people just like you! So all I had to do was get myself a Disk-on-Chip device, and I’d have an instant-booting system, right?

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. If you’re not already familiar with forums, watch our Welcome Guide to get started. Note the orientation of the Bios chip in its socket there is a notch at one ,810lr, or a dot in one corner, of the chipremove the chip, and plug a pin ZIF socket into the motherboard socket you will probably need to bend the pins of some nearby connectors to get it to fit – I found an unused 3-pin fan connector in the way.

M810LR Motherboard

This creates a moherboard within linuxbios where you are now called pcchips, and creates the following files in it:. I also edited one of the LinuxBios source files in order to get the keyboard working on my motherboard again, thanks to Andrew Ip for this:.


There were two distributors listed for the UK, so I phoned them up, and bought three MDD08 devices from one of them.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Jan 18, Messages: Now the box with the LR in it is sitting around, waiting until I can get to it to replace it with the new MB. I won’t be using this machine for the internet, but would still like to get this adapter fully defined if possible.

PCCHIPS MLR – coreboot

All times are GMT It seems that PC-Chips have recently August decided to rename their motherboard product range, so this is going to lead to even more confusion over which particular board you are working with.

My other utilities recognize it as a 1. MLR Motherboard Here are some other cards that users have had success with. You also need to have Python installed on your system, because the LinuxBios build process is based around a Python program.

Jim, I can’t make the pcchipsusa website respond to my IE browser. Users browsing this forum: